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Mechanical Installation


LaFayette Engineering offers a full line of services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of conveyors for material handling systems. We can provide engineering, mechanical, electrical, and construction services to get the job done. Our teams have experience installing, moving, and liquidating rack, conveyors and many other types of warehouse equipment. We have crews that can arrive when and where you need us. We can also assist you with all steps of your project including budget development, and the coordination of engineers, contractors, and inspectors.

With warehouse installations, tearouts, or relocations, the coordination of multipletasks can become complicated. Our skilled project managers are able to coordinate all aspects of any project, getting everyone working together to complete the project.

Our highly trained staff will provide you the design and implementation you need, with the quality, integrity, and professionalism you deserve. We implement seamless communications, from initial planning and design to final implementation and testing.

We value our customers’ business and realize that quality and reliability are the essence of success and longevity in the electrical contracting industry. We are committed to providing our customers with well-trained experienced electricians capable of performing the most complicated projects under tight time constraints.

There’s no need to hire multiple companies to install your machines & equipment. LaFayette Engineering is committed to providing the maximum quality, productivity, and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

The services offered by LaFayette Engineering include the following:

Complete Systems Integration

LaFayette Engineering provides a single contact for supplying your material handling solution and project management. We analyze your requirements, select the proper equipment, and then combine this equipment with experienced installation services

Mechanical Design and Engineering

Our experienced systems engineers utilize AutoCAD to produce detailed and accurate designs for your project.

Mechanical and Electrical Installation

LaFayette Engineering can provide floor supported and ceiling-hung conveyor, air compressor equipment, air piping systems, pallet rack, and shelving. We also offer complete electrical field wiring services by experienced, licensed electricians, including placement of control panels and wiring of remote electrical devices.


LaFayette Engineering can offer consulting services for new facilities, or recommend improvements to existing installations.

Existing Equipment Tear-Outs and Retrofits

LaFayette Engineering can provide mechanical and electrical services to tear-out, retrofit, or relocate existing installed equipment per your requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

LaFayette Engineering can provide a thorough inspection of your system, and then prepare a detailed plan outlining services to be performed.

Replacement Parts

LaFayette Engineering can help to identify and supply replacement parts for your equipment.