In the realm of top conveyor companies, Lafayette Engineering Inc. (LEI) stands out as a prime example of innovation and efficiency. This Kentucky-based company has carved out a niche for itself in the conveyor industry, offering an array of services and products that cater to the complex needs of modern warehouses and distribution centers.

The Lafayette Engineering Edge: Top Conveyor Companies

LEI specializes in control systems engineering, focusing on advanced conveyor systems and controls engineering to enhance efficiency (LEI Homepage). Their unique approach to warehouse control systems (WCS) exemplifies this focus. Just like a traffic cop ensures smooth flow in busy intersections, LEI’s WCS acts as a central command, directing the real-time activities within warehouses, ensuring that all components like conveyors and sorters operate seamlessly (Conveyor Works – LaFayette Engineering).

Top Conveyor Companies

Diverse Range of Services

One of LEI’s strengths lies in its comprehensive service offerings. These include mechanical and electrical installation, project management, and control panel design, ensuring a holistic solution for material handling systems (Mechanical Install – LaFayette Engineering). Moreover, their controls engineering services encompass the entire process from need assessment, concept development, AutoCAD electrical control drawings, to PLC programming and launch assistance (Controls Engineering – LaFayette Engineering).

Innovations and Solutions

LEI’s ‘Conveyor Works’ software application is a testament to their innovative spirit. It’s designed to integrate all moving parts in a warehouse or distribution center, thereby optimizing operations (Conveyor Works – A Warehouse Control System To Manage Your Operations). From batch picking to printing sortation, LEI’s solutions are tailored to improve efficiency and productivity.

Reconditioned Systems: A Smart Choice

An intriguing aspect of LEI’s offerings is their reconditioned conveyor systems. These systems provide a high ROI and quick turnaround, which can be crucial for businesses operating under tight schedules and budgets (Conveyor Systems: New or Reconditioned – LaFayette Engineering). While there are some trade-offs, like the absence of a warranty and the potential need for retrofitting, the cost savings and immediacy of availability make reconditioned systems an attractive option for many.


In conclusion, Lafayette Engineering exemplifies the qualities of top conveyor companies through their comprehensive services, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach. Whether it’s a new installation or a reconditioned system, LEI offers expertise and quality that sets them apart in the conveyor industry. With their commitment to efficiency and technological advancement, they are not just a provider but a partner in the growth and success of businesses requiring advanced conveyor solutions.

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