Here’s a Look At The Numbers In 2022

In April 2022, we launched the Lafayette Magnetic Sortation Switch (LMS) – a conveyor system to help shipping facilities decrease noise, reduce wear & tear, and move more parcels more efficiently. Since the launch of LMS, our partners have posted some of the most dazzling peak shipping season numbers we’ve seen at Lafayette.

We installed five new sorters across four facilities, and 107 LMS switches have been manufactured and installed since the launch of Lafayette Magnetic Sortation Switch.

The average peak season is approximately 5 weeks, with Black Friday being the unofficial “kickoff.” This year started a bit earlier than usual, as shipping and online sales picked up around mid-November. 

One location with two sorters shipped 599,000 parcels over a 6 day period in November, at an average clip of 49,900 parcels per sorter per day.

Another facility with one sorter shipped 477,000 parcels over that 6 day stretch in November, at an average rate of 79,500 parcels per day by this one sorter.

These extraordinary numbers aren’t unusual for systems that have implemented magnetic technology. As is the case with many new product launches, though, there were slight adjustments to be made after we launched LMS. In roughly ten months since the public introduction of LMS, our team has adapted, learned in real time how to manage problematic situations, and reconfigured certain aspects to gain a more controlled version of every switch that leaves our shop.

With each installation, we continue to learn, analyze, and improve our product. Ultimately, our goal in 2023 is to lead the market in quality and performance when it comes to magnetic sortation systems. 

We’re just getting started – these incredible numbers are a sign of things to come in the future for Lafayette Magnetic Sortation.

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