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High-Speed Merge


Merge Conveyors are used to arranging products flowing from multiple infeed lines of conveyor. The merging process is used to combine products from upstream pick modules with multiple lines, into a single stream of products on a single line conveyor. The merging process then sends a single stream of products downstream for further processing into a sorter, in-line scale, or scanner.

Sawtooth Merge

Combine infeed conveyors into a single line. This is commonly used before the induction of a product into a sorter. A Sawtooth is the most capable to handle the most infeed lines.

Live Roller Merge

Combine two to four conveyor lines into one line. A wide live roller conveyor is used in conjunction with a fixed or powered diver to combine the infeed lines

Belt Merge

Combine two to four conveyor lines in high-speed applications. The conveyor is belted instead of the surface area being rollers.

Spur Merge

Combine two conveyor lines. A cost-effective solution that does not demand high throughputs.