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Product sortation is one of the biggest challenges companies face in the process of getting their product to market. Sortation systems separate products for induction into individual lanes typically associated with an outbound destination. Various types of sortation and conveyor systems are often connected to comprise a fully functioning material handling solution.

  • Cross-belt sorters
  • Sliding shoe sorters
  • Tilt-tray sorters
  • Push tray sorters
  • Bomb bay sorters

Sortation Benefits

Accuracy and timeliness of order fulfillment have never been a higher concern until now. Combine these factors with the increasing requirement to reduce resources and trim costs within the distribution channel, makes it easy to understand the benefits and efficiencies automated sortation systems deliver. With the rise of e-commerce, sortation and conveyor systems have evolved from simply transporting cases for store replenishment to handling a variety of individual items and packaging types, including cases, totes and polybags. This evolution has introduced new fulfillment complexities.

  • Increase throughput to keep pace with high order volumes and SKU proliferation
  • Improve order accuracy to minimize returns processing
  • Develop cross-docking processes to alleviate storage and handling requirements
  • Integrate with warehouse execution systems to drive greater levels of automation