The Pick and Pass Zone Routing Conveyor System

In the realm of warehouse automation, the Pick and Pass Zone Routing Conveyor system represents a significant leap in efficiency and productivity. This system is designed to optimize the ‘person to product’ material handling concept, where order selectors travel to pick locations to gather products. The system’s primary goal is to reduce unnecessary movement (deadheading) and increase the productivity of operators.

Introduction to Lafayette Engineering

Lafayette Engineering, a leader in industrial automation solutions, specializes in conveyor systems and controls. Their expertise in streamlining production processes through innovative technology makes them a key player in the industry. Understanding the intricacies of conveyor systems, Lafayette Engineering is well-positioned to appreciate the advancements in warehouse automation, particularly the Pick and Pass Zone Routing Conveyor system.

How Does Zone Routing Work?

The Pick and Pass system is a sophisticated conveyor setup that intelligently routes shipping cartons or order totes through a pick system to the exact zones where work is located. The process involves several key steps:

  1. Induction of Containers: Cartons or totes are introduced into the picking area from other zones or a centralized point.
  2. Travel and Scanning: The container travels along a conveyor towards a pick zone transfer, where it is scanned to identify its destination.
  3. PLC and WES Interaction: The barcode information is sent to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which interfaces with the Warehouse Execution System (WES) to determine the container’s next destination.
  4. Order Processing: Operators in the pick zone process the container by fulfilling the required picks, guided by the Warehouse Management System (WMS) or WES.
  5. Return to Conveyor: Once the picks are completed, the container is returned to the central conveyor for further routing.

Benefits of the System

The Pick and Pass system offers several advantages:

  • Reduced Deadheading: By eliminating movement through zones with no required picks, it enhances operational efficiency.
  • Targeted Order Placement: Orders are automatically directed to zones where picks are needed, streamlining the process.
  • Ergonomic Handling: The system is designed to minimize physical strain on operators.
  • Seamless Integration: Interfaces with WMS and WCS ensure smooth operation and tracking of orders through the system.

Lafayette Engineering’s Role

For a company like Lafayette Engineering, the integration of Pick and Pass Zone Routing Conveyors into their conveyor solutions portfolio could be a game-changer. Their expertise in conveyor systems and controls can be leveraged to implement these advanced systems in warehouses, enhancing their clients’ operational efficiency. The system’s ability to integrate with existing WMS and WCS aligns perfectly with Lafayette Engineering’s focus on customized, high-quality solutions.


The Pick and Pass Zone Routing Conveyor system represents the future of warehouse automation, offering unparalleled efficiency in order selection and material handling. For Lafayette Engineering, adopting this technology could further solidify their position as a leader in industrial automation, providing their clients with cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of warehouse management.

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