In the dynamic world of material handling and warehouse operations, Lafayette Engineering stands out as a leader in providing advanced sortation systems. Sortation, a critical process in modern logistics, involves identifying individual items on a conveyor system and accurately diverting them to their designated locations. This process is facilitated by a range of devices, all controlled by specialized software, ensuring efficiency and precision in handling materials.

One of the most significant hurdles businesses encounter in the journey of delivering their products to the market is product sortation. Sortation systems play a crucial role in this process by dividing products into distinct lanes, each corresponding to a specific outbound destination. To create an effective material handling solution, various kinds of sortation and conveyor systems are integrated, working in unison to streamline the distribution process.

The Essence of Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are integral to various stages of warehouse operations, including receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. These systems not only enhance the sorting rate but also significantly reduce error levels, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

The importance of precise and timely order fulfillment has reached unprecedented levels in today’s market. This urgency, coupled with the need to minimize resources and cut costs in the distribution process, underscores the value and efficiency that automated sortation systems bring. In the era of booming e-commerce, these systems have transitioned from merely moving cases for retail restocking to managing a diverse array of items and packaging types, such as cases, totes, and polybags. This shift has brought about new complexities in order fulfillment, necessitating:

  • Enhanced throughput to match the surge in order volumes and the diversity of SKUs.
  • Refined order accuracy to reduce the need for processing returns.
  • The development of efficient cross-docking techniques to reduce storage and handling demands.
  • Seamless integration with warehouse execution systems for heightened automation.

Types of Sortation Systems

Lafayette Engineering offers a comprehensive range of sortation solutions, catering to different needs and applications:

  1. Case Level and Unit Sortation: These systems are designed to handle different types of products and rates, ensuring versatility in operations.
  2. Linear and Loop Sortation Systems: These include a variety of technologies, each suited to specific operational requirements.
Advanced Sortation Solutions

Advanced Sortation Technologies

Our portfolio includes an array of advanced sortation technologies:

  • Narrow Belt Sorter
  • Pusher and Paddle Sorters
  • Pop-Up Wheel Sorters
  • Shoe Sorters
  • Bombay, Cross Belt, and Tilt Tray Sorters
  • Pocket Sorters and Garment-On-Hanger (GOH) Systems
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots like TiltSort-Bot and Hi-Tilt-Bot
  • Innovative Putwall and Robotic Putwall Systems

Application in Distribution Centers

Sortation systems from Lafayette Engineering find extensive application in:

  1. Receiving: Facilitating efficient return processing and putaway.
  2. Picking: Enhancing order fulfillment and reducing cycle times.
  3. Packing: Streamlining the consolidation of orders.
  4. Shipping: Optimizing the shipment process for various carrier methods.

Why Choose Lafayette Engineering?

With over three decades of experience in designing and implementing high-speed sortation systems, Lafayette Engineering is at the forefront of this technology. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring the best fit for their operational requirements.

Considerations for Implementing Sortation Systems

Before integrating a sortation system, it’s crucial to consider:

  • The nature of items to be sorted (fragility, variety, geometry)
  • Required sorting rate and noise levels
  • Available space and footprint
  • Packaging materials needed


Lafayette Engineering’s commitment to innovation and excellence in sortation systems makes us a trusted partner in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse operations. Our expertise in designing and implementing custom solutions ensures that we deliver the best sortation system for your specific needs.

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